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Mundy, K., and Menashy, F The World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, and Private Sector Participation in Basic Education: Examining the Education Sector Strategy 2020 (pp. 113 – 131)

Mundy, K., Green, A.; Lingard, B.; Verger T., eds [book contract, under review]. Handbook of Global Policy in Education. In Global Policy Handbook series (David Held, series editor). Policy Press. – expected date of publication, June 2013.

Mundy, K., and Menashy, F. “Unfortunately necessary or inherently desirable: understanding World Bank advocacy for a private role in education.” Research study commissioned by the Open Society Institute. – expected completion date January 2012.

Mundy, K. [under contract – first draft submitted]. Engaging Civil Society in the Education Sector: Issues for Policy-Makers and Planners. Fundamentals of Educational Planning Series.  Paris: International Institute for Educational Planning & Unesco. Expected date of publication, Winter 2012.